Silicon Vibration Dampeners 2.0

Hello All

V1 dampeners were awesome but they had a few problems . like bouncing to pieces every time i landed a tad aggressively . 

so v2.0 has some major changes . the first is replaced the nuts and bolts with m3 wing nuts. having changed the nuts and bolts the dia went up to 20mm. i was worried about them being to stiff but it seems to work well . 

i made the mould at work on the cnc . I milled the holes out 15.4mm deep . it was ment to be 15mm but i was machining by hand and got carried away . 

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i cast them the same as before. i mixed silicon and corn starch . the mix i used is 33% cornstarch and 66% silicon . after 16 hours i spilt the mould and pulled them out .  

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one thing i found once i changed over to this the quad seams alot more diled in and precise . it also seams to track alot better than the pu foam i had in there . i will be posting the footage on my site later this week . 

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