Tricopter V1 

This is the story of my first attempt at making a tricopter . it stared out good . but quickly got ugly , when i cut my finger with my dremel . 

I used perspex to make the main frame . i used David from plans. the only problem i had was lack of mounting space on the frame . i prepared all the parts before i when to a trip to Durban . when i was in Durban all my parts arrived at my parents house as planned and i staarted assembling the tricopter . it took a few hours and i was in the air . 

I managed to braake 2 props in the first few min of completion . i did manage to get it reasonably stable on a 2s battery . 

unfortunately my 3s 2600mah battery got damaged while in use on the humble bumble and was made into a 2s . 

while in Durban i was flying in the park when i landed a bit hard and ended up with a two piece tricopter .