Tricopter 6

After messing around with the v5 . i decided to upgrade to a larger to frame for better stability. so the carbon fibre came out and the wood got cut for the arms . this was the first time i used wood for arms, i went to the local hobby shop only to discover that they wanted 5 dollars for a single 1m length of 12 x 12 mm . so i went to the local timber store and got them to cut a 1.8m length of 94 x 12 into 12mm strips . 600mm long . i managed to get 18 lengths out of the piece . and it came to a total of 12 dollars . what a score! once again hk supplied all the parts and the servo . this time i got a larger one i went with the corona 4.6kg/cm digital servo. its great . my plan was to keep using the same motors from the original 5 copters . i also splurged and got scorpion battery straps, they are awesome!