Tricopter 6.2

After est flying the 6.1 I found a few minor issues . or one the folding arm system I designed were a bit flimsy . I replaced them a few times before finding the real problem which was the motors . After a night of shopping on the internet I found dst 1200 . they are awesome . they use 9*4.7 props and will give 750g of thrust with 9*6 props . and they only draw 16a . I'm getting +-15min fly time . the green props are awesome . its a pity hk don't do yellow props so that it will match the cable sleeving. i sprayed the arms black so it would match the cf frame . with dst 1200 the copter flys under half throttle without the fpv gear and just over with the gear . Im still learning how to fly fpv at the moment . videos to follow soon hopefully