Durban Trip 

Waiting to board the flight to Durban .

I love Africa the airport security is so simple, i put the quad in its box threw the scanner and they did not flag it along with 10 lipos in my laptop bag . granted that its not the USA . where the security is just crazy . they scan you when you come off the flight WTF! your off the plane you cant crash it if you off of it . 

on a lighter note . what you should do to take a multi rotor on a plane.

1. remove props (they might see them as a sharp item that is dangerous )

2. remove tools from the box that your multi is in ( pliers and screwdrivers , double check i lost my favourite one when I went to the USA )

3. remove lipos and put them in another bag in a liposafe bag.

4. if they ask questions DO NOT use the word DRONE rather say areal video platform or robotic challenge entry.

5. don't resist them opening your bags and boxes just ask them to be gentle .

Lastly enjoy the trip !