The story started me with a wanting to build something cool . so i thought that a atlas van lines ultimate hydroplane would look awesome . 

so i downloaded some plans and got cracking. i started with a balsa frame glued together with ca and bicob . once i had the frame i ordered the electrical magic stuff and started to fit it .then i covered the hull in veneer that i found on the side of the road (what a score). i still have a whole pile of veneer for futur projects . once i had covered the boat i varnished it with sanding sealer and painted it which was followed by a pile of stickers cut on the vinyl cutter at the office . 

once i had finished the boat it was testing time. a word of advice . don't use a fast boat in a small pool. anyway after braking open the nose of the boat against the wall . i took it to a dam . it run really well on the little 450 heli motor and 30a esc that i had in it . after about 10 min of riding around the motor cut , i started to throw a hook from my tie down to retrieve the boat but ended up braking it more and by the end of it i had to swim to retrieve the boat . 

i then found a new dam to race in and when i tested there i blew the esc and had to replace the esc and motor. once i had done that the boat went even faster . probebly close to 80 km/h. while racing in the dam the third time the esc capacitors leads melted and the boat was dead in the water on a perfectly still day . luckily i got a guy to cast over it and retrieve it for me . 

i have since retired "THE HUMBLE BUMBLE"