HK DST-1200

so these motors are awesome . They cost 6.5 dollars and if prepared right they are really reliable .

In this article I'm going to go threw the motor preparation steps .

there are not only suggestions but a requirements for reliability with these motors .

first you will need to strip them down .


once you have stripped the motor you will need to epoxy the wires . if you don't they will break and you will need to fix it witch is not a fun thing to do . if they are not epoxied they might fail in flight .

now you will need to remove the locking grub screws on the shaft this is the most critical part . if you don't do this step and you are planning on using the threaded section on the shaft to mount the prop the bearings will seizes and fail . 

once you have removed them you will need to fit a prop or a spacer and a wing nut . when you tighten the wing nut the shaft will move in the housing . 

you will need to tighten the nut until the cir clip groove is in line with the bearings .

once it is in line you need to loctite the grub screws. now leave them over night to let the thread locker set . 

now you can re assemble the motor and fit the props . if when you tighten the props on and the bearings get tight . you will need to repeat the last step until they don't tighten up any more.

if you wanna mount the motors with m3 bolts . you will need to open the holes on the mounting base .

if you wanna mount with cable ties you will need to make some new holes .