The Quest For Awesome Footage 

And the quest begins ! I have decided to start a quest to gain some awesome Ariel footage. this is going to be a on going listing of all the video that I make in my quest for a awesome one. 

 A quick flight at work that turned into a challenge . so i flew threw some stuff and over some other stuff and fast down the road .

Testing my new quad yielded this footage and I had to add it to the collection

On the way home from work i stopped at the local lake and flew in the park . it was great . flew in a half pipe and also under some trees .  

Took the tricopter to the office and flew during tea time . also went next door and flew in there workshop . 

Part two . After a day at work with some funny weather I got home only to discover it was raining and hailing so i worked on the new plane but as soon as the rain stopped . i was outside with the tricopter to get some cool footage . i also got a new personal  altitude record. don't have a osd with gps or a data logger . but i thought it was scary high . don't forget to watch the last seen as its a low fly over the hail . Enjoy! 

 Part one revision one .After uploading the video I discovered that no one could watch it because of the music i used . so i revised it and shortened it . enjoy