Motor Repair

After building my tricopter and landing in a bush . I broke one of the wires on the motor . it was my fault for mounting the wires out the side where they could be snagged . other than that the motors are great . Im using the Turnigy DST-1200 these motors rock, for 6 dollars they are a bargin . im getting another 2 one to replace the repaired one and one spare or for a plane . i will see how it goes . 

To repair the motors you will need a few things .

a soldering iron 


thin wire

an sharp knife 

you will see that i have repaired it before unsuccessfully  

first you need to clean the covering off the wires so you can get to the copper . once you get it off you will need to scrape the enamel off the wires . one you have done that you can tin them. 

once you have tinned them . you will need to tin the ends of the short peace of wire you are going to use to join the broken wires with . 

the reason for tinning the ends is so that it does not unwind when you are winding around the broken wires.

after you have wound the wire round the broken wires . you will need to solder the joint to make it nice and secure . 

and now your done . enjoy flying 

beware this is a quick fix and not a permanent solution .

you should replace the motor as soon as you get a chance . 

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