I Decided to rebuild my dcq4 but with a more camera orientated direction . this is what i came up with 

So as before i am running 2200mah 4s nano-techs they have served well and lasted a long time 

still using the cc3d that james built me in july , these boards are amazing 

still running Simonk flashed F20-A esc's from hk 

The Emax 2213 935kv motors are great with sf props but a bit slow to spin eprops efficiently so this will run 8x4.5 cf slow flys 

the fibreglass sheets i used to make the new frame cost me less than 10 dollars

the frame parts after washing once they came out the mini cnc 

decided that orange and black would look awesome so i started painting them and got confused i was planning on the clean section being orange and the dirty black with orange braces 

I bought ss bolts for this build so it would look nice and on sunday morning i knolled them all out it was very therapeutic


this time the power distribution is a coper pcb so it is a bit neater than before 

im using 8 x 65g anti vibe bobbins and locking pins so the clean section will not come loose during acro 

i plaited the motor leads and heat shrunk them so they wont come undone

This time all the arms are the same length 

this build is a clean and tidy build . no extra crap on board 

Just waiting for my 3d printed landing skids and then the dcq6 will be complete 

more to come soon!!!