DCQ4 Blog

So This build is going to be using higher end components and they payed off . its a rocket ship ! 

Its also running a cc3d and once the board is tuned its crazy stable !

And so it starts !!

My Hk order and cc3d

Nano-Tech 4s this time high end . i will be changing to 4000mah zippy compacts because i need some more weight on the back to balance the quad and it will also give me a near 15min flight time.

The cc3d that James built and gave me 

The HK F-20A ESC'S work great once flashed with Simon K . 

The Motor I chose were Emax 2213-935KV , they are Awesome so smooth and powerful , also they take 4s

the frame plates are all cf now and decided to cut the frame name in this will be the DCQ4

all the frame plates after cnc cutting them 

An assy of the top plate assy 

ESC'S all in place and wired up to the motors 

all the ESC's hooked up to the power input 

the bullet connectors fit nicely into the carbon tubes and also allow me to reverse motors easily 

added some cable sleeving to protect the cables 

cc3d hooked up and rigged for testing with the orx .