I Decided to rebuild my DCQ250 to a monocock frame that was a little bigger so the props always clear the frame . its also alot tougher than the previous version . also added tilted motors so the quad has dihedral witch changes the flight characteristics are total different.  

Introducing the DCQ255

Once again I forgot to take pics of the build process because i was waiting on parts and fiddling with the build daily for a month while i waited . but here are some shots of the esc wen i was rewiring them to fit nicely.


i had to move the cap and remove the red wire so they run signal and gnd in a twisted pair 

half the escs in and the main power cable soldered in place 

the escs are a tight fit but they just make it 

all is in and ready for re flashing.

check below for glam shots and some other guys builds  

My current power setup is as follows 

Dys 1806 2300kv Black Series
emax 12a simon series BLheli OneSht enabled
RMRC 1300mah 35c 3s
Naze32 Acro
Mobius action cam 
200mw mini 5.8g vtx
Sparrow fart cp antenna
Hk simple osd 
Sony super had ccd camera
My AUW is sitting just on 560g