I Decided to a new mini from lessons learned with the DCQ5 .

Introducing the DCQ250

DCQ250 Plans.zip DCQ250 Plans.zip
Size : 254.204 Kb
Type : zip

 unfortunately i did not log the build as i wanted to because i was so excited to get the frame assembled that i forgot to take pics . my build time on the frame was 3 hours from parts to hovering in my workshop .


This frames plans will be freely available and it can be hand cut or cnc milled all i ask is that the build pics are shared on this page.

The frame comes in two variants , the mono cock dirty section or the bolt dirty section . The bolt version is lighter by a few grams when you weigh the frame plates but the mono is a lot stronger in my opinion . but only time will tell . my frame is made of g11 fibreglass sheeting that i get locally here in South Africa but you can use cf or g10.

the power dist board is just normal single sided pcb and is etched with hydrochloric pool acid and hydrogen peroxide mixed 50/50 with a dash of water if the acid stops eating the copper . The clean and dirty sections are held together with 65g bobbins from hk and i use a 2.5mm cable tie thru them to stiffen them up and help hold the frame together in an aggressive landing . 


in the zip you will find 6 dxf files 3 per frame type and also pdf's of all the dxfs so you can print and cut them by hand if you want . if cutting them by hand you can use a pen and bridge the cut-outs so its easier to cut but i would recommend you bridge the left side ones and the right side ones separately so you still have a centre stiffener.


Now onto my build . Here are some pics of it along side the Qav250 

20140817_170125.jpg 20140817_170201.jpg


Now for glamour shots 

20140731_150315.jpg 20140731_150317.jpg 20140731_150324.jpg 20140731_150328.jpg 20140731_150332.jpg 20140731_150336.jpg 20140817_170209.jpg 20140817_170212.jpg 20140817_170217.jpg 20140817_170217.jpg 20140817_170226.jpg 20140817_170229.jpg 20140817_170233.jpg


My current power setup is as follows 

Dys 1806 2300kv 
Gemfan 5030
emax 12a simon series
Zippy compact 1000mah 35c 3s
Mobius action cam 
Hiee 250mw 5.8g vtx
Sparrow fart cp antenna
Hk simple osd 
Sony super had ccd camera
My AUW is sitting just on 545g 


first decent flight footage 


crash testing footage 


more videos to follow shortly