cp antennas make life better especially on 5.8ghz sso now i need more range and i am up grading to a cp helical antenna .

 Design Time 

first of all thanks to :IBCrazy and David (RCExplorer ) for the insight and design inspiration .

Designing the frame to hold the helix was alot easer on solid works . it allowed me to match the dia and the pitch . once i modelled it and did some design checks before exporting to acad and sent it to gcode generator for the cnc 


unfortunately I don't have any g so I used FR4 PCB . it worked great for the reflector and i etched the copper off the supports and mounting plate . 


After sanding off the burs I started to test fit the stuff before etched the copper off . 


Next I soldered the antenna cable to the reflector and tinned the core wire . The helix is made from 1.2mm mig welder wire . it is comparable with 1.6mm copper as well . 


After etching the copper off I attached the boards with black spray paint and on the reflector I used green vinyl coz green is awesome . 

I have not added a wave trap as I am not sure that it is necessary . but who knows i might just ad one later down the line 


I finally go around to doing some FPV flying and it was awesome . I managed to double the range of my video . on the test flights , the only reason i say double is because u was not confident in the tx because its glitchy of late . but the footage was crystal at 200m so im happy to only fly that far for now .i will post the vid from dbn next week .