We all know ( or should know) that parallel charging is better . since i have different plugs on some of my batteries and also no discharge lead on the battery in my 9xr i came up with this . i made one for myself and one for my friend . whom I'm building a quad for and setting up his whole system .so my friends board has 3x deans plugs , 4 x JST plugs , 1 x balance lead for 9xr battery.and my board has 4x deans plugs , 2 x ec2 plugs , 1x servo lead ( for charging old radios battery) , 1 x balance lead for 9xr battery.the traces behind the ballance lead are cut as not to short out cell 1,2 and 3,4.hooked up to the charger for charging the 9xr battery set up for use when not charging 9xr battery . this will stop the pins shorting out .
OR You Could Use This but its not parallel 
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